Have you ever wanted to know more about how nonprofit leaders got to where they are? Maybe you’re curious about how they wound up in charge, or how they found their calling around a specific mission? Or maybe you just want to know how leaders find time to have a family or social life in the midst of running an organization?

Join us to hear the stories of nonprofit leaders in our nation’s capital with our new virtual speaker series, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know Speaker Series! The ‘Everything Series’ will connect nonprofit leaders working in and around the DMV with emerging professionals who are looking for guidance as they grow in their careers. Speakers will share their unique stories and learnings from their careers, answering questions that we’re often too afraid to ask. Participants will come away from each speaker event with a greater awareness and broader understanding of leading in a nonprofit organization.

Everything you ever wanted to know about....

Unlocking Impactful Change & Navigating the Social Landscape with Shannon Scott, Chief Financial Officer at New Venture Fund

Sept 21 | 12 - 1 p.m. | Virtual

In an era defined by the aspirations of Millennials and Gen Z to drive transformative social change, how can we delve into the dynamic world of creating social impact? With a focus on the nonprofit sector, this installment of the the “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know” series will tackle the pressing question: Is starting a new nonprofit the only route to making a difference?

Join us on September 21 as we unravel the complexities of instigating change through various avenues. In this insightful series, Shannon Scott, the astute Chief Financial Officer at New Venture Fund – a renowned national fiscal sponsor agency, lends her expertise to explore the intricacies of launching nonprofits, provides alternative approaches to forging social impact beyond the traditional nonprofit model, and guides those eager to channel their passion for change into a fulfilling career. Discover the hidden pathways, navigate the bureaucracy, and gain invaluable insights into making a lasting mark on society. Whether you’re a budding activist, a change-maker at heart, or simply curious about the mechanics of social transformation, this series equips you with the knowledge and inspiration to catalyze meaningful change in the world around you.

This will be an inspiring and exciting conversation, and we hope you will join us to learn more starting a nonprofits, alternatives to creating new organizations, and getting involved as a career decision! You can also ask questions of Sharon about her journey and how she become the leader she is today.

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About the speaker:

Shannon Scott provides strategic and administrative leadership to effectively serve as a thoughtful business partner to the New Venture Fund’s leadership team regarding the short-term and long-term financial health and sustainability of the New Venture Fund. She translates the New Venture Fund’s strategic vision into a financial and operational structure that is fiscally responsible and supportive of the mission. Additionally, she works closely with the New Venture Fund’s Board of Directors, oversees external partnerships with banking and accounting providers, manages the New Venture Fund board’s finance committee, and represents the New Venture Fund in conversations with donors and project staff.

Prior to joining the New Venture Fund, Shannon spent over four years at the Greater Washington Community Foundation, where she also served as CFO and set financial policy and strategy. She also served as CFO at the National Housing Trust and the Council on Foundations, and spent over 12 years at Capital Impact Partners, a community development financial institution providing capital and technical assistance for community groups.

Shannon holds a BA in accounting from George Washington University and an MBA in finance from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. Additionally, Shannon owns a photography business.

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