Volunteer With Us

YNPNdc is looking for creative, energetic, and enthusiastic volunteers to join our team.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Qualified candidates will be contacted to schedule an interview within 7-10 days of their submitted application.

Volunteer Roles

Multimedia Manager

Position Overview

The Multimedia Manager is responsible for overseeing all creative asset creation, management, and distribution for maximum impact and reach of YNPNdc communications. They develop the overall design concept and production for all communications and marketing materials, including one-pagers, email/social/web graphics, video, and other advertisements.

Deadline to apply is rolling.

Primary Responsibilities
  • Create photo and video content for all communications channels.
  • Serve as lead designer for the organization.
  • Manage the organization brand standards.
  • Take photo and video at YNPNdc events
Secondary Responsibilities
  • Create a media management system.
  • Collaborate with the Communications team to meet communications media needs.
Preferred Qualifications
  • Knowledge of photo and video design software.
  • Experience with Canva.
  • Photography and videography experience preferred.
  • Interested in the non-profit field and YNPNdc’s mission and vision.
  • Ability to dedicate time to the position and organization (5-10 hours/month)

Mentorship Program Manager

Position Overview

Reporting to the Co-Directors of Programs, the Mentorship Program Manager will be responsible for the operational success of YNPNdc’s Mentorship Program through volunteer team management, program delivery, quality control, and evaluation. The Mentorship Program Manager will be the main, external face of the Mentorship Program to the community.

Deadline to apply is May 3.

Primary Responsibilities
  • Develop and implement mentorship program, including professional development events for participants and other events
  • Ensure programmatic excellence, program evaluation and consistent quality
  • Recruit, hire, and oversee training, orientation, and management of mentorship program volunteers
  • Evaluate program regularly to measure success during and after and implement changes based on evaluations
  • Assist Co-Directors of Programs with cultivating existing relationships with vendors and partner organizations to ensure sufficient space, resources, and access to services
  • Work with other program managers to cross-market YNPNdc programs to other program participants
  • Represent the organization at key events, making and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders
Preferred Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s Degree or 5-7 years of working experience (nonprofit sector preferred)
  • Experience managing staff and/or volunteers
  • Demonstrated success in managing programs/projects
  • Experience with relationship building and management
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • A passion for the nonprofit sector and leadership development
  • Ability to dedicate at least 8 hours a month to the position and organization
  • Interested in the YNPNdc’s mission and vision

Relationship Liaisons, Mentorship Program (2 positions)

Position Overview

The YNPNdc Mentoring Program is designed to pair early-career nonprofit professionals with more experienced professionals, as well as to provide opportunities for professional development and networking. Relationship Liaisons (RLs) serve a crucial role in the success of the mentoring program. RLs are primarily responsible for fostering positive relationships between mentor/mentee pairs. RLs will also contribute to the selection of the cohort by reviewing initial applications to advance to final selection. This position will report to the Program Manager, Mentorship Program and Director of Programs.

Deadline to apply is May 3.

Primary Responsibilities
  • Be paired with a maximum of 8 pairs.
  • Send regularly scheduled emails to cohorts about upcoming virtual activities.
  • Document check-in process and responses/feedback throughout the year.
  • Provide feedback to Mentorship team on topics of interest from pairs for professional development
  • Offer to speak by phone or meet in person periodically during check-in.
  • Personal check-in with pairs via email on a monthly basis.
  • Provide resources to pairs in need of support.
  • Refer pairs with major flags to Program Manager and Director of Programs.
  • Assist in the applicant review process.