Woman laying next to bike, says "Community Partners Peddle Push"

Become a Capital Bikeshare Community Partner & Get Rewarded!

Samantha Huff

Samantha Huff is the goDCgo Marketing Manager.

The District Department of Transportation’s (DDOT), Capital Bikeshare Community Partners Program promotes sustainable transportation options in underserved communities across the District. The program partners with local nonprofits organizations and social services agencies to provide discounted access to Capital Bikeshare for low-income individuals.

Benefits of the Community Partners Program

As a partner, organizations can give their members access to a simple, low-cost, and reliable way to get to work, personal appointments, grocery stores, and classes; an active way to get around their communities; and a healthier lifestyle at an affordable cost of $5 per year. See what Viviana Chieme, Case Manger at Unity Health Care, had to say about the program:

“Many patients reported that they have a hard time depending on the bus or train to get around, because it can be expensive and the hours of operation are not always convenient for them (especially at night). With access to Capital Bikeshare memberships, they are now able to get to their jobs and make appointments on time. As a Case Manager, it has been a pleasure to provide this service to Unity’s patients, because by helping them become Capital Bikeshare members, we know we are making a difference in their lives. I can see the smiles on their faces!”

Special promotion for new partners

This fall, the Capital Bikeshare Community Partners Program is offering a special promotion to new Community Partners! Enrolling is easy and we’re making the deal even sweeter. When you become a Community Partner between now and Oct 15, you’ll receive a pedal perks package including:

  • 5 FREE Capital Bikeshare memberships
  • Official Capital Bikeshare swag bag with bike lights, water bottle, and more
  • $50 VISA gift card for the individual who initiates enrollment
  • $75 &Pizza gift card to host a pizza party

Where can I learn more?

Register to attend our webinar on September 30 to learn about the Community Partners Program, pedal push incentives, and how to sign up as a partner. On top of that get all your questions answered and hear from current Community Partners. Register today for the info session.