National legal advocacy hubs, local community centers, and international relief organizations: the world of nonprofits comprises diverse organizations that shape our communities through powerful advocacy, educational programming, and life-changing services. We have relied on them for generations, and they continue to push for progress in our world. 

Behind the scenes, nonprofit fundraising professionals work tirelessly to secure funding for these organizations. From elaborate galas to community bike races and meticulously crafted grant proposals, nonprofit development morphs into varied shapes to amplify organizations’ fundraising efforts. 

Nonprofit development is tireless, difficult work, yet nonprofit development professionals continue to do this work so organizations can continue to exist.

There shouldn’t be a struggle between fundraising and existing for nonprofits changing the world. Powering good causes should (and can) be accessible. 

At Grassroots Analytics Nonprofits, we know the many barriers in nonprofit development and advocacy, yet we are honored to have helped create innovative fundraising solutions that work no matter the organizational size or capacity, so organizations can continue to do necessary, transformative work. We’ve met the moment to power nonprofits pushing for reproductive health access when the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was preemptively leaked on May 2, 2022. We’ve helped turn hopelessness and anger towards gun violence into tangible action for a better tomorrow for organizations pushing for gun reform. 

While building out tactics that make nonprofit development accessible, we acknowledge that the work to break down barriers within the nonprofit sector does not, by any means, stop with our fundraising efforts. After all, missions are not only fueled by funding – they are powered by people. As we create space for innovation within development, it is our responsibility to continue to create space for young professionals who have been underrepresented for far too long within nonprofit staff and leadership.

In partnership with the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of DC, Grassroots Analytics Campaigns, and Grassroots Analytics Talent, Grassroots Nonprofits aims to expand who has access to a flourishing professional career in industries advocating for a better tomorrow. The Campaigns & Causes Young Professional Happy Hour is part of an emerging series of networking events for young people passionate about social change.

Where there are people, there is power. GA Nonprofits and YNPNdc welcome those ready to harness power for progress to join on June 9, 2022 at Shaw’s Tavern. RSVP today!

Grassroots Analytics Nonprofits

Grassroots Analytics Nonprofits, a branch of Grassroots Analytics, was founded with one goal: to break down barriers in nonprofit development so organizations of all sizes can grow strong, supportive bases.

Our team is proud to partner with nonprofits advocating for voting rights, community health, racial and gender equity, criminal justice reform, reproductive rights, environmental justice, and more.