Grief and solidarity with our Asian & Pacific Islander community

Statement by YNPNdc Board of Directors

Our hearts are broken as we process the heinous murders of eight people, including six Asian women, this week in Atlanta. This news comes after months of hate and violence toward the Asian and Pacific Islander community since the pandemic began, as well as a long history of fear and xenophobia. 

We condemn the cycle of white supremacy, misogyny, and violence perpetrated across our society, and we are in solidarity with our Asian and Pacific Islander members and community. As we shared last year, YNPNdc is committed to making the Washington, D.C., nonprofit sector more inclusive and diverse, and we are here to support the needs of our community. 

We will continue to share resources for individuals and nonprofits to learn about, reflect upon, and work to dismantle the inequity in our sector and country. And we will continue to look critically at our own organization and programming to identify ways in which we perpetuate harm, as well as opportunities to grow toward our vision of a diverse and inclusive nonprofit sector.

If you are looking to take immediate action, below is a list of organizations you can donate to or engage with to support the Asian and Pacific Islander community.