Speaking out against Palestinian Genocide

YNPNdc Board of Directors

As we continue to reckon with and work towards dismantling oppressive systems here in the United States, we have a responsibility to speak out against oppression happening beyond our borders. We condemn the heinous acts of sustained violence being carried out by Israeli colonists against Palestinian people. We encourage our members to read this beginner’s guide for those who want to educate themselves on Palestine, and join us in speaking out against these atrocities by taking at least one of the action steps below:

  • Write a letter to your elected officials and to companies in relation to current events in Palestine. You can find a template here
  • Search the hashtags #FreePalestine, #Free_Palestine, #GazaUnderAttack, and #SaveSheikhJarrah on social media and amplify Palestinian voices by sharing their stories on your social media feeds.
  • Donate to Palestinian relief funds such as:

We stand in solidarity with Palestinians who are fighting for their lives. Please join us in speaking out and putting pressure on decision makers, including our elected leaders, to stand on the side of justice.